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25 Random Things about Me

1. My 'real world' friends know me as Carly, while the internet world knows me as Carly Ann. I obviously answer to both.

2. I taught myself to sew. The only other seamstress in my family was my Grandmother and she lived across the country. Everything I know is based on A LOT of trial and error. Oh, and You Tube videos.

3. I have been called Rainman because I can do math in my head.  I always calculate tips so the total is an even number.

4. I grew up on a small barrier island off the Gulf coast of Florida and used to take a boat back and forth every morning to get to school.

5. I just found out I still hold the high jump record at my old Jr. High from about 18 years ago!

6. I work as an analyst for a military contractor during the day, and quilt and craft at night and on the weekend. Two polar opposite roles and I love both of them.

7. I am hopeless when it comes to fashion, but my sister owns a successful clothing boutique in Ft. Lauderdale, LaLa Couture

8. I was a competitive gymnast for all of my childhood and can still do the splits.

9. I have a really difficult time picking a favorite color and it changes on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

10. I like lists and spreadsheets, A LOT.

11. Even after spending all of my life in Florida, and most of it on an island, I am not a fan of the beach.

12. I have lived in Florida my entire life. Seriously.

13. I listen to the Contemporary Folk channel on Pandora while I quilt simply because it seems to fit the task.

14. I can’t cook. I hate it. Thank goodness my the boyfriend is an excellent cook.

15. I talk to my cats like people and I swear sometimes they understand me.

16. I was adopted at 4 days old from Hollywood, Florida. I consider myself very lucky!

17. I really like quotes. I used to have pages and pages saved to my computer of good quotes.

18. This is the third time I have restarted my blog. Starting with a clean slate always feels really good to me.

19. I’m still not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up.

20. When I was a kid and drew people I would always forget to draw their necks.

[updated: March 6, 2013]

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