Monday, June 3, 2013

Fabric Shop List Updates!

Tonight I am giving the 12 Minute Tip at the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild meeting, and was asked to do it about online fabric shopping. Luckily this got me thinking about how to improve my shop list, and I think I have done just that!

As I have mentioned many times before, this is a work in progress, and obviously ever changing. Recently I added categories to each shop (well, I'm working on it), as well as highlighting those shops that have been recommended by readers. The categories break down like this:

It might not be a perfect solution, but I think it gives a clearer picture rather than having to scroll through hundreds of shops to find what you are really looking for (although, I highly recommend checking out some of those smaller shops on there. Some Amazing stuff!).

Have a recommendation, comment, good to bad experience, or knowledge about the perfect online gem? Comment here or shoot me an email (link on the right sidebar) and I will get right on it!

Thanks for your help!
Carly Ann

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