Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Central Florida MQG - April 1, 2013

My second meeting of the CFMQG was just a wonderful as the first. There were about 25 of us there, with quite a few first timers. I love that all these ladies are curious about Modern Quilting and learning more of what it's all about.

One of our Steering Committee members gave us some updates on the National Modern Quilt Guild and what that means for us. Our chapter is not actually a formal chapter as of now, but we are heading that way. I paid dues, and am now amoung the eight or so charter members. Feels good to be a part of something new and growing. Excited to see what the future will bring for Modern Quilting and the MQG
Carla's update

We discussed the ongoing BAM BOM project, but I'm not officially a month behind. My feathers didn't turn out quite right, so I'm going to try again this month. I'm determined to learn how to follow a pattern and have it end up the correct size (as opposed to 1/2" off like it always seems to).
If you are interested in joining in you can hop on over to the Bay Area Modern blog and check out the Feather block from March and the Snail Trail for April which is posted on The Peppered Goat blog.   
Karen's feather block

    This was also the month of our Name Tag Challange. I went back and forth on what to do, but decided to go bright and crazy. Hard to tell in the picture, but the star fabric actually has glitter in it! Not something I would normally use, but I think it shows my fun side pretty well.

    We had a little 'runway' show to display all our nametags, and I was actually chosen as the winner! I won a wonderful bundle of bella solid FQs that I am totally in love with. I was however, totally shocked as I really think Karen's was the best. It is modeled after the CFMQG logo perfectly!

    Another new thing we are trying is a Make it Modern portion of the meeting. Many of our attendees are traditional quilters and are trying to better understand what Modern Quilting is really all about. This month we focused on fabrics. Members brought in different fabrics that they thought were or were not modern and we discussed them. 
    How about this?
    Is this modern?
    Linda was a wonderful fabric model for us! :)

    We had a small group for Show and Tell, but they were all beautiful as usual. I'm not great with names yet, but I'm learning. Will probably come back and fill these in as I find out who is who.

    Loved the cute little images on this quilt, and the matching pillow.

    This scrappy trip-a-long was actually put together by her mother Janice. Her mom pieces and she quilts them for her. What a great combo!

    This was made for her kids who just got back from a trip to see the northern lights. Love thes colors and the great Northern Light print fabric. What a great way to remember what I'm sure was a magnificent trip!

    I believe this is from the Jaybird Quilts pattern Come What May. I love the use of color here.
    Again, I'm so happy I found this group, and excited to see where we go from here. Next meeting we will be discussing patterns in our Make it Modern segment of the meeting. Guess I better get to work trying to find a great pattern to share!


    1. Now that I'm back home in NB, I'm counting on your blog to keep me in the loop. Your pictures and commentary are top notch!

      My husband and I are already making plans to return to Central Florida next winter and then I'll be back to the CFQG meetings.

      Until then, we'll stay connected through the web.
      Lynda D.

    2. Hi Lynda!

      Good to hear from you. :) I will do my absolute best to keep you up to date on the happenings down here while we look forward to your return. Kind of fun to have a loooooong distance member!