Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm back! (i think)

I'm slowly but surely getting the blog back in working order. I apparently had more issues than I realized that came about from the app I was blogging with on my iPad. Oops. So now to try and catch up!

My true addiction online at the moment (for a while really) is instagram. I like the ease of it, and I really like the visual aspect of it. It keeps me connected to my friends and family around the world and allows me a peak into their lives. So that's how I will catch you up on the past few weeks!

Wrapped up my mojo quilt

Enjoying the backyard and our giant tree that makes us look like we live in a doll house.

Spring cleaning and book organizing. Loving the color gradient that I'm trying out.
My parents came up to help reasemble the family dining room table. It's finally made it's way to me after 35 years!

New/old dining room table = new light fixture shopping.
It's a little overwhelming, but I'm in love with this store!!

New dining room all set. Love the new light and so glad dad was here to hang it! Valuted ceilings look
great, but man they make things more difficult! It feels much more like a home now.

The latest project I'm working (at my 'real' job) is on the CFVMPF Memorial Groundbreaking.
Honored to be designing all the 'paper' for the event!

So as you can see it's been a busy few weeks around here. Looking forward to it slowing down a bit and getting some sewing done! As I'm catching up now I will hopefully be posting the pictures and recap from the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild Meeting this month later today. If you just can't wait to see, you can hop on over to the CFMQG blog and check it out there!


  1. What a clever idea: grouping books by color of spine...

    1. Thanks Lynda! With all of Zachs nursing books in a rainbow of colors, it just seemed to fit. :)