Monday, February 17, 2014

Thrifty Quilting - Where to shop for your favorite Solid Fabrics!

Waaaay back in October of last year I posted my first Thrifty Quilting post entitled Thrifty Thread Shopping. It was well received, and yet I somehow never got back to it. When I did try and come up with something else to look at I was at a bit of a loss. There are so many different styles of quilting, and I know everyone has their own favorites, but one thing I'm fairly sure of is that quilters buy solids! Now I know not all quilters buy solids quite as compulsively as I do sometimes, but nonetheless they are a staple in many quilters stashes. So here it is....

So I would explain in detail all the 'stuff' about this project, but if you are wondering where the idea comes from I recommend going back to the Thrifty Thread post one more time. Those of you that saw that one, or just want to skip on to the nitty gritty, here we go!

First up is Robert Kaufman's Kona Cottons. Available in 271 glorious colors this seems to be a go to staple for many quilters. It's readily available both in stores and online, but today's post is focused on primarily online retailers. The results? ended up on top of this one, with a smaller retailer Delta Patchwork a close second. All 16 retailers I looked at for this category came in under $8.00, so I can see why this is so popular. 
Next up, MODA Bella Solids. These happen to be my favorites at the moment (yes I change my mind A LOT). They just work well for me and I love the color selection. I don't think I've ever looked and thought "Wow, I really wish that had this color." The results for this one surprised me a bit. Up on top of the list is Thousands of Bolts. Equally as surprising was the price, just $4.99! I went back to double check and sure enough there it was. Not only that, but there is an incredible selection! I picked a few colors at random and sure enough they were in stock! 
The next few options do not seem to be as readily available, but they can be found. The other great things is that many of them come in slightly different shades than the more popular Kona and Bella and that can really come in handy!

 This last one is not a solid, but I wanted to add it anyway. Robert Kaufman's Essex Linen is quite popular, and although I have not used it much I wanted to see the price difference (I'm endlessly curious)!
Now, if you are not brand baised, and just looking to break into using more solids, I have pulled out the top 25 from all the prices above. There is a bit of variety in the fabric manufacturers, but the main point is that they all fall in at under $7.00 per yard!

After all those numbers, here's the real deal. It is your choice who you shop with. Some people prefer a larger retailer that has a huge selection and rarely goes out of stock, while some people (like me) prefer to shop small business even though it may cost just a it more. The choice is yours! I am simply providing the facts and letting you make the choice! 

Have a store you love, or a different solid fabric you would like to recommend? Add a comment or shoot me an email and I will be sure and share your info! 

Here is where I put all my personal disclaimers:

1. I have not ordered from all of these suppliers, so I can in no way vouch for their personal delivery time, condition, quality, etc.
2. These prices to not take into account sales, coupon codes, shipping charges, etc.
3. I was not paid or asked to write about any of these stores. I do not have any sponsors or take any gifts to write these posts.

4. These prices are a reflection of the point in time that I looked at the websites prices. Most likely over the past 2 - 3 days. 
5. I semi randomly chose vendors from my giant Online Fabric Shopping List. Some I knew carried these solids, some I have ordered from, and some just seemed like the right fit!


  1. What a thorough blog post, Carly! Really good information here. I hope every quilter has a chance to look and review. I never would have guessed that Moda Bella could be bought for such a good price. You did a fine job of researching! Thank you!

    1. Thanks Linda! I too was shocked at a few of the low prices. I will say that I have not ordered from a few of these places, but I may have to try a few out just to see. For research purposes of course ;)