Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog News

This is not a quilt post, but rather a blog update. I wanted to add a few pages that would be a good reference for all you quilters out there. Up at the top you will notice two new tabs.

 The first is my Online Fabric Shopping List. This is a HUGE list of online fabric shopping resources. It's a little dangerous for us fabric addicts, but also a great spot to check out some new shops. I have found that sometimes the best deals are found at the smallest little online spots. If you know of a store that is missing, closed, or you just want to share your experience with ordering from one of these online vendors (good or bad) please leave me a comment or email me (email link in the sidebar).

 The second page I have added is a list of all the Modern Quilt Guilds worldwide. This information is also available on the Main MQG site. For me I use this list to gather inspiration. Sometimes I hit a little quilter's block, and nothing motivates me quite like seeing some beautiful quilts. Most of the guilds post updates after each of their monthly meetings, so just think of all those Show and Tell pictures! So that's the blog update for now. I'm sure there will be more changes as time goes on, but wanted to get those two out there.

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