Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Central Florida MQG - March 4, 2013

Last night I attended my first guild meeting!!

The Central Florida Modern Quilters Guild is a new group that just formed in Wildwood, Florida. I was so excited to stumble onto their blog because they meet in the evenings, so I can finally attend something! It’s just over an hour away, but now that I have been and met these wonderful people, I know it is well worth the drive!

I’m going to do a little recap (probably out of order and more pictures than anything), and up front I want to apologize for the picture quality. I forgot my actual camera, so my iPhone pictures will have to do this time. Will be sure and remember next month.

The program for the night was about Technology. How to use Flickr, how to comment on pictures and blogs, and even how to set up your own blog. Linda did an excellent job explaining everything and expressing that sometimes you just have to be willing to experiment. I related well to this. If not for the internet and poking around all these sites I would not know how to quilt at all!


The CFMQG is participating in the Bay Area Modern’sBlock of the Month, aka BAM-BOM. I wrote about making the first filmstrip block a few posts back. We all showed our blocks, but I didn’t get any pictures (ops). We talked about next month’s block,and here is Linda showing off her BAM BOM for March. Love this one!

Show and Tell

Lynda showing off her Selvedges Quilt. This quilt was AMAZING in person. I can only dream of collecting that many selvedges to create my own. I think this would be my ultimate couch quilt.

Adorable baby quilt. Loved the colors of this and the leaf quilting on the borders.

A nature inspired art quilt. She made this in ONE day in a class. I forgot to write down who she said taught the class, but I need to find out for sure! Wish I had a better picture of this one.

This is the very first quilt she ever made! EVER! Love these colors and the tropical fish border.

She is making this for her son’s friend’s wedding. For me this was the most inspiring. I bought a FQ bundle (a splurge for me, but I am obsessed) of this fabric and have been staring at it forever. After seeing how beautiful this was, I think I’m finally ready to cut into it. Maybe ;)

There’s a man in the group! Hooray for male quilters! His wife taught him to quilt a few years ago. That's so sweet! So, last meeting they did a tutorial on the Scrappy Trip-Along blocks. He went home and made the first one. Actually I think he said he made 12 of them. Decided he didn’t like it, so he made this second one. He is making 92 of these for what I can only assume with be a king sized quilt. Wow!

This off-set squares quilt was beautiful in person. Again, the pictures do not do it justice! She was seeking advice on how to quilt it, and I look forward to seeing what suggestions she takes.

This was an adorable wall hanging that she created with a Scrappy Trip-Along background. She told a beautiful story about how she quilts with her mother and how her mom has the magic to fix quilting problems. Mother’s magic!

This is a donation quilt for the new Nemour’s Children’s Hospital that is opening here. I love this background color! I Didn’t get the chance, but need to ask her next time what line/color this is.

Mug Rug Swap
We also had a wonderful Mug Rug Swap. Since making my first Mug Rug I've been a little obsessed. I love the instant gratification! I didn't get a ton of pictures of these, but the three below show a pretty great representation. In person, these were of course even more beautiful and colorful.


All I can say is this: I am inspired, and happy, and feel more welcome by this group than I have in a long time. It is simply fact that many people don't like change. This is no exception for quilters. They are not always open to new ideas, new people, new ways of thinking. Here at the CFLMQG I found just the opposite. I look forward to many more meetings with this wonderful group and learning everything I can!

Side note: If you would like to join us feel free to contact me. Also, I drive from Orlando over to Wildwood.If you are looking to car pool I would be more than happy to help you out!

- Carly Ann

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  1. Great recap of last night's meeting Carly. I look forward to seeing you when we return to Central Florida. Until then, I'll follow you on your blog. (I may even start my own when I get back home.) Happy quilting. -- Lynda