Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up - Mug Rug Madness

Mug Rugs have been all the craze lately. I say lately, but its probably more like 3 years. Im behind the times. ;) Until now I have not joined in the fun. Not sure why, but I think I have been intimidated by trying to work with something so tiny. Now that I have started, I'm really not sure why I waited! It's great practice for some of my lacking piecing skills, and it's wonderful instant gratification. Who doesn't love that!

One of my downfalls has always been working with half square triangles. I don't know why, I can just never seem to get the points exactly right, so I decided to start there. This big pile of itty bitty triangles are leftover from the Spring Stripe quilt I mad easing Amy Butlers Midwest Modern fabric line and from some other digest modern strips that I used for binding on another project.

Here's where I probably need to admit that I don't toss any scraps! Not even the smallest piece. Now, I'm glad I don't. I started by chain piecing pairs of these little bits not really knowing what would come of this.

I pressed each one and started trimming. I was able to get 2 inch finished squares from the first few, but only 1 3/4 from some of the others. I figure a mug rug and matching coaster might be nice.  That's what we call a happy accident!

Once I had them all trimmed I started playing with the layout. I wasn't too particular with the different fabrics and it seemed to work out well. I added some white Sashing to each small square and ended up with these adorable little blocks.

I added a few more bits and pieces from my scraps it was all ready to quilt. I went with some basic straight line stitching and then bound it with a few more Amy Butler 1.5 inch strips from my scrap bin. I actually hand stitched this one and reminded myself how out of practice I am with a simple needle and thread.In the end though, I love the way it turned out.

In fact I loved it so much I didn't want to give it away. So I whipped up another one for the CFMQG meeting I went to and ended up contributing this one to the swap ;)

I worked on a few other ongoing projects this weekend, but they are gifts, so I can't show you. It would ruin the surprise! I should be done with them soon, so more to follow. What did you accomplish this weekend?


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  2. Hi Carly, Interesting to read the process you went through after having seen your mug rug tonight at Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild. Also have bookmarked your blog. Who knows, maybe after tonight I'll start a blog too.

    If you are going to work with half square triangles, you might want to try the following:
    Triangle exchange paper from Laundry Basket Quilts. A package of 25 sheets makes 700 half square triangles.

    This paper makes the HST simple to sew and is accurate to cut with effortless paper removal.

    I was introduced to this product last year at my home guild. Some quilt shops carry the LBHST paper or you can order it online.

    Hope to see you when I return to Central Florida.
    lynda d.

    1. Hi Lynda!

      It was wonderful meeting you last night. Thanks for The product recommendation. I will be sure and try that. Anything must be easier than what I'm doing now!

      Look forward to seeing you back in Florida. Safe travels!

  3. Hi Carly,
    So awesome to have you join us! I LOVE your filmstrip block with the cute little birds, and your mug rug as well! You will be an inspiring member in the "modern world" of our chapter. You have fresh ideas and wonderful enthusiasm! I'm looking forward to you bringing your feather block April 1st. See you then! - Karen Estep

  4. Thank you Karen! That is so kind. I look forward to getting to know you all more. See you in April!